Reason for lime trees not producing blossoms or fruit

Reasons and Fixes for Lime Trees not Producing Blossoms or FruitReasons and Fixes for Lime Trees not Producing Blossoms or Fruit

What are the reasons and fixes for lime trees not producing blossoms or fruit? When your lime trees are not producing blossoms or fruit, you might be wondering what reasons are causing it and if there are any fixes for it.

When growing lime trees, you expect them to begin blossoming in three to six years and finally ready for harvest in eight to ten years. Usually, lime fruits are ready for harvesting in two periods in May-June and November – December.

Are you wondering for what reasons your lime trees are not producing blossoms or fruit and what what fixes you can apply?

Here are the reasons for a lime tree not producing blossoms or fruit are due to several issues as follows;

Reasons and fixes for Lime Trees not Producing Blossoms or Fruit

Why your lime tree has no blossoms or fruit

1. Lack of nutrients 

When growing a lime tree, it needs proper care to produce fruits. When the tree is lacking nutrients, it gets deficiencies that hinder growth and development. Whenever you do not fertilize the soils when growing lime trees, the tree will not be healthy hence not producing blossoms and fruits.

You can fix this issue by adding fertilizers rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, which will aid the production of blossoms and fruits. Always boost the soil level’s acidity to improve the soil pH, which will force the lime tree to bloom.

2. Under and Overwatering the lime tree can be the cause for lime trees not producing blossoms or fruit

When a lime tree lacks watering and dries out, the time you water it, it will drop its blossoms and leaves; hence flowering is affected. Still, when you overwater a lime tree, the soil becomes very wet and starts dropping the leaves. Such a tree is unhealthy, so it will be hard to produce fruits when leaves and flowers fall off.

Fix the under and over- watering issue by watering the lime tree at least once in seven days to avoid the tree from over-drying and not to give it much water daily because it will die. When you give water, which is just enough, it will produce blossoms and fruits.

3. Poor soil drainage for the lime tree is also a reason for lime trees not producing blossoms or fruit

When there is improper drainage for a container lime tree plant, the soil is likely to become muddy and very wet due to a lack of enough holes at the pot’s bottom. 

Whenever you water the plant, the water will have no room to drain. Lime trees hate wet feet because the root will rot hence no blossoming.

Fix poor drainage to force blooms by putting enough holes at the pot’s bottom to allow water flow during the irrigation process. The soil will be adequately moist. The lime tree will produce blossoms and fruits because its roots are healthy.

4. Cold temperatures can be a reason for lime trees not producing blossoms or fruit

Lime trees enjoy warm temperatures to have proper growth and development. When your tree is not producing blossoms and fruits, check the location you place your lime tree. 

Are there any objects or trees providing shade that blocks the sun from directly reaching the tree? If any, they could be the reason why your lime tree is not flowering and fruiting.

Fixing the heat temperature issue needs you to move the tree to a place where no shade or objects is obstructing direct sunlight.

You can also consider putting the plant on the south side of your house to avoid the north’s cold winds, which will help force blooms on a lime tree.

You will see the lime tree producing blossoms in no time when it has enough heat to it. 

5. Another reason for lime trees not producing blossoms or fruit could be that you pruned off the blossoms

Pruning is a suitable method while caring for your lime tree. However, you might do it in a wrong way, and in the process, you cut off the buds that grow in the tips of the branches you prune. Once you prune off these buds, the lime tree will not produce blossoms the following year.

Fix the issue of inferior pruning methods by avoiding to cut the tips of branches that are producing buds because it’s these buds that will help during the production of blossoms and eventually fruits.

6. Lastly, one more reason for lime trees not producing blossoms or fruit could be that, the tree is reserving energy

A lime tree might skip a year without paying blossoms and fruits because it’s reserving the energy for another year’s production. It happens due to a few environmental issues like weather conditions that work the tree out!

When you know the issues affecting a lime tree, treat them to relieve the tree and wait to see the following year after its recovery to see whether it produces blossoms and fruits.

Blossoms or fruit are falling off lime trees.

Blossoms and fruit drop

When lime trees blossom, they look very delightful and have the full capacity to produce fruits.

However, when a healthy-looking lime tree starts dropping fruits and blossoms fall off, it’s a disturbing situation!

Reasons why lemon trees are producing blossoms or fruit that falls off the lime tree?

Below are some of the most common reasons;

1. It’s natural

It’s entirely normal for blossoms to fall and fruits to drop off a lime tree due to natural thinning. During this process, the tree aborts some of its blossoms or fruits when they become too many for it to hold. The flowers and fruit begin to fall slowly and leave the tree healthy with what it can support.

2. Poor soils

When lime trees have soils that have low pH Levels, it will affect the blossoms and fruits. Too much acidity and alkaline for the tree prevents it from taking in nutrients properly. A tree that lacks nutrients can not support fruit growth; hence, drop off before maturity to survive because the fruits are draining it.

3. Uneven watering

Whenever you leave a lime tree to dry out, it will get stress, hence not retaining its blossoms and fruits. The flowers will fall off, and fruits drop because the tree can still not support them. Yet when you water a lime tree after a long period of dryness, blossoms will fall off slowly.

Fixes for lime trees producing blossoms or fruit but they drop off the lime tree.

Fixes for lime trees not producing blossoms or fruit

To fix the issue of blossoms falling and fruit dropping off a lime tree, you need to give it the proper care to keep it healthy.

  • Water a lime tree consistently to avoid dryness, which leads to blossoms and fruit drop.
  • Fertilize the soils and add nutrients to the ground to keep the tree healthy and survive to support its blossoms and fruits.
  • Keep the lime tree in warm temperatures because lime trees do not like cold weather conditions. A warm climate will help the tree grow properly and blossom and fruit at the right time. Put it where it can get direct sunlight.


How long does it take a lime tree flower to fruit?

A lime tree takes up to eight years to produce fruit. Most lime trees bloom and grow ripe fruit over six to nine months. Most times, lime trees mature and drop blooms and focus all their energy on producing a small percentage of pollinated flowers.

When do Key lime trees bloom?

The main flush of flowers appears in late spring and early summer, so the main crop of fruit is ready for harvesting five to six months after flowering. A key lime sparsely flowers throughout the year.

How long does it take a dwarf lime tree to produce fruit?

A dwarf lime tree takes three years to produce fruits. Much as this tree is small, it has full-size fruits, and after three years, it will have mature fruits.

Why is my lime tree not fruiting?

When a lime tree lacks nutrients, it results in it not blooming and fruiting. So you need to ensure that you fertilize the soils to add nutrients to the tree and give proper care like even watering and keeping in warm temperatures, not below 50°F.

How do I get my tree to bloom/force blooms on a lime tree?

A lime tree that you grow from cuttings is likely to produce blooms the first year after germination, but later on, it develops fruits after several years. Maintain watering, mulch the weeds to keep the soils moist, frequently fertilize to add nutrients. 

In conclusion

If your lime trees are not producing blossoms or fruit, now that you know why, use the fixes and tips above to make your lime trees bloom and later on fruit.

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